Two Prayers (5-7-18)

Two prayers I wrote the day after my birthday this year. There is something about having a little baby in your house that makes you both totally re-evaluate and appreciate all that your parents did for you. But I think it makes you re-evaluate and appreciate everything else too, just the sheer contingency of all […]

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Fourth Sunday of Advent: Love

Merry Christmas! This is a poem I wrote for the fourth Sunday of Advent, which this year was Christmas Eve too. I hope to post a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sonnet soon, but for now enjoy this poem, inspired by the many walks I have taken with my (very!) pregnant wife. Enjoy the beauty […]

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Third Sunday of Advent: Joy

This Sunday I preached about John the Baptist leaping for joy at the presence of Jesus. In the same way, I have seen my son leaping in the womb. What better image of expectation can there be? And what better posture for Christians in the Advent season, as we long with John to meet our […]

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Second Sunday of Advent: Peace

I wrote this poem to reflect what the peace of the Christ child might mean for this world so flooded with news of death and destruction. In this Advent season, I hope that you can look to Christ as the actual, living, present hope to every suffering person in this world. With all the saints […]

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Advent: First Sunday

This Advent season, I am hoping to write a series of sonnets, about the dual longing for Christ’s birth and for the birth of my own son, who is due to be born somewhere around January 2. I hope you enjoy them as a way of reflection upon this season of longing, anticipation, and expectation […]

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Newtown, A Lament. 12/14/12

I wrote this poem about five years ago, after the Sandy Hook shooting. It’s difficult to process these horrific massacres from a distance, when you see it on a screen or when you read about them on your phone. I am sad because I feel like these past five years have made me numb to […]

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