Spring, A Porch Sonnet

I know that it’s not really spring yet, but it feels like it, and I am also still in the Valentine’s Day mood. So here’s a sonnet I wrote last spring for my wife. Enjoy:

Spring, A Porch Sonnet (8-26-16)

The strawberries are flush with red my love
and sunlight feeds them, soil homes their roots,
the air is light, speaks new words off-the-cuff
about the plants, their yellows, pinks, and blues.
I feel the whole earth swinging back and forth
a happy child kicking off his shoes.

I do not know which season moves you most
which passing stars or colors you find best,
but you are Spring in every shade and song,
you are the thrush’s swoop, the hammock’s rest,
the lazy rocking chair, the open window,
our front porch newly found, newly swept.

Who are you woman, by me like this fan
making me feel wonderful again?



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